First and foremost, safety is number one when it comes to teaching our students.  But beyond our students staying safe, we want them to have fun while learning!   Our “student first” approach allows us to establish a base comfort level for our swimmers in and around the water while progressing in accordance with the individual swimmers’ comfort and skill level.  This efficient and effective approach allows us to successfully guide each individual through all of the levels of skill progression.

Private Swim Lessons

Ages: 2+

Blueray’s private swim instructors provide personalized attention and instruction to help you or your child develop the skills & confidence they need to become strong swimmers. Whether your child is just starting out or needs help improving their stroke technique, our instructors will tailor their lessons to meet their individual needs and abilities.Your child can progress at their own pace in a fun,
supportive and safe environment.

Parent & Me

Ages: 3&4

Parent & Me swim lessons are specifically designed for young children to learn wter safety skills and basic swimming techniques while being accompanied by a parent or guardian. These lessons focus on introducing young children to the water in a safe and supportive environment.

Level 1- Water Orientation

Ages: 5-12

Level 1 swimmers will focus on water orientation and are designed to familiarize participants with the water environment and help them develop comfort, confidence and basic water safety skills. These lessons are useful for first time swim lesson participants and participants who may have a fear or hesitation around the water.

Level 2- Water Balance

Ages: 5-12

Level 2 swimming lessons will focus on developing the participants balance and body control in the water. Participants will also focus on proper breath control and timing, which are essential for maintaining balance while swimmming.

Level 3- Water Safety

Ages: 5-12

Level 3 will introduce swimmers to self-rescue skills, rythmic breathing and introduce basic swimming skills such as treading water and will begin to learn the front crawl and backstroke.

Level 4- Arm Propulsion

Ages: 5-12

Level 4 participants will focus on developing efficient and effective arm movements for propulsion in swimming. These lessons will aim to improve the participants arm strength, coordination and technique to maximize speed & efficiency in the water.

Level 5- Stroke Refinement

Ages: 5-12

Level 5 swim lessons will help participants improve their technique and efficiency for their butterfly and breastroke. The focus will be on refining body positioning, arm movements, leg kicks, timing and breathing.

Teen & Adult

Teen Ages: 13-17 , Adults Ages: 18+

Teen and adult swim lessons provide an opportunity for teens & adults to develop their swimming skills, increase their water safety knowledge, and engage in a healthy and enjoyable physical activity. Whether they are beginners or looking to refine their technique, these lessons cater to the unique needs and abilities of teens & adults , fostering confidence and competence in the water.