Enrolling into the correct swim level is crucial for safety, learning progressions and confidence building. It is important to accurately assess your child’s abilities and choose a level that is appropriate for their current skills and experience.

Learning: Blueray’s progressive learn to swim curriculum is designed to build on the previous level. Each level is designed to teach specific skills and techniques. If a student is placed in the incorrect level, they will miss out on fundamental skills and instruction that is required to progress. Not learning the fundamental skills or swim techniques will hinder their progress and make it difficult for students to advance to the higher levels and onto the swim team. 

Confidence: Enrolling into the appropriate swim level will build confidence and gradually progress the swimmer to the next level. If a student is placed in a level that is too challenging, it may create a negative experience. The student may become discouraged and lose confidence in their abilities. On the other hand, if a student is placed in a level that is too easy, they may not feel challenged enough to build their confidence. 

Safety: Safety is the number one concern at Blueray Swim Schools. Enrolling a student into a level that is too advanced for their abilities compromises the safety and structure of the class. On the other hand, if you place your child in a level that is too easy for them they may become bored and lose interest in swimming.  If you have questions regarding your child’s ability please make sure to attend one of our scheduled swim assessments.  

Note: A swim assessment will be performed on day 1 of swim lessons to confirm correct level placement. All efforts will be made to move the student to the same scheduled time. If no space is available, the student will be moved to a different time or session.

Required Skills For Level 2
Required Skills For Level 3
Required Skills For Level 4
Required Skills For Level 5
Required Skills For Swim Team