Water isn’t just for swimming. Our Blueray experts build beautiful, high-quality fountains, and pair that construction with services like fountain design, repair and maintenance. A stunning fountain will add aesthetic appeal to any commercial property, and the calming effects of a water feature will create an atmosphere of welcomed tranquility for your customers and employees.

Blueray services for fountains and water features include:


As a C-53 swimming pool builder, we understand excellence in construction not only for pools but also for water features and fountains. Our expert contractors will create an unforgettable water feature for your commercial facility, built with the highest quality and most innovative products so it lasts for the long haul. Our fountains don’t just look incredible, they’re built for reliability, stability and long-term sustainability.

Renovation & Repair

If you have a fountain in need of expert repair, our specialists can recondition your water feature, so it works as if it were brand new. For deeper repairs, we can completely redesign your water feature to enhance its aesthetic appeal, durability and functionality.


A fountain functions only as well as the team that maintains it regularly, and our Blueray experts can maintain your water feature to ensure it’s always working at its very best. We’ll clean your fountain, run diagnostics to determine operational excellence, conduct preventative measures and chemical—but environmentally safe—treatments.

An overlooked fountain can become expensive and look uninviting, which isn’t why you installed a water feature in the first place. A fountain that’s not maintained properly can also turn into a safety hazard. If you have a water feature or fountain, our experts will help you conserve and protect it for all your clients and team members to enjoy.

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